Ocean Innovations Patented Technology Can
Provide Multiple Applications For the Special
Effects and Film Industry.

Ocean Innovations Exciting Technology is providing state of the art wave generating and water effects services to the movie and television industry.

Executive Producers are now exploring and taking advantage of the magic of Ocean Innovations portable wave generating technology for the film industry. (See Feature Project Below)

Ocean Innovations Patented Portable Wave Generating Systems can create affordable, realistic waves, big or small, for any location, in any enviroment.

Ocean Innovations technology can now provide film makers with realistic options when the limitations associated with animation simply won’t do.

Control cost and add quality realistic shots to any production in a controlled environment while keeping the crew, equipment, and talent out of the elements.

Patented Horizontal Pneumatic Systems provide flexible applications for any situation. Natural Environments, Lagoons, Studio Sets, Stationary and Portable Applications apply. Ocean Innovations Technology is Powerful and Flexible.

How many times have you seen the “Wave” utilized during promotions of any type? The Wave continues to be one of the most fascinating natural occurrence in our society. Film, Television, Advertisers and Marketing campaigns utilize shots of the wave in there productions because people are naturally drawn to the beauty and power of a wave!

Reality TV? You now have an entirely new menu of fun and exciting applications for games, contest, obstacle courses, and competitions. Add Waves and watch
Your ratings increase.

Portable Wave Generator - Film Shoot "Charlie St. Cloud" 

Completion Date: Fall 2009
Project Description: Completed in the Fall of 2009. Ocean Innovations was hired by Universal Studios to provide special effects for a major motion picture staring Zac Efron, Amanda Crew, & Kim Bassinger, being filmed in Vancouver, B.C, scheduled for release in 2010. Zircon FX Special Effects Studios needed a Portable Wave Generator (The WaveMaster™) “Right Away” for a specialized shoot simulating the reproduction of a very specific rogue wave. The project was a total success and everyone was very excited and pleased with the performance of The WaveMaster™ Portable Wave Generator.

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Ocean Innovations Specializes in:

Mobil Water Sets: Mobil Non Permanent Water Sets and Mobil Wave Pools.

Flood Simulators: Mobil Water Flood Simulation Provided by Patented Pumping Systems

Water Propulsion: Simulated Under Water Explosions, High Volume Water Propulsion

Weather: Rain Storms, Thunder Storms, Monsoons, Tornado Cells, Hurricanes, Tidal Waves, Tsunamis. Interesting effects can be utilized for Forrest Fires and Fire Storms using the patented technology of Ocean Innovations Pumping Systems.

Customized Waves: Waves of Any Size Supporting Wave Scenes Involving: Surfing, Body Boarding, Surf Kayaking, River Kayaking, Jet Skis, Boating, Power Boats, Sailboats, and more.

Weapons: Mild, Medium, to High Volume Water Guns with Sound Effects

Submerged Boils: Under Water Boils simulating Submarines, Submerged Vessels, Submerged Creatures, etc.

Fountain Effects: High Volume Fountain Effects, and Synchronized Fountain Effects.

Pump Systems: Pumping Systems, High Volume Pump Systems, Water Containment and De-watering Systems.

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