Your Team, Building Your Dream at BackYard H2o Innovations 

Ocean Innovations and Cloward H2o have partnered together to provide our clients with the most unique private water sport and water feature products available in the industry today. All BackYard H2o Innovations projects are custom designed exclusively by Cloward H2o the leader in engineering and design services for water feature pool and aquarium products. 

Cloward H2o:
A division of Cloward & Associates, provides comprehensive consulting engineering and design services with singular experience and qualifications in the design and engineering of aquatic features large and small throughout the world - from major marine parks to a single pool or fountain. This experience includes swimming pools, spas, water parks, theme park attractions, aquarium and zoo life support systems, lagoons, lakes, rivers and boat ways, marinas and fountains. In short - all things water. With 30 years of successful worldwide projects, Cloward H2O has designed some of the world's foremost aquatic leisure and marine facilities.

From its founding in 1977, Cloward H2O has developed a strong background in general civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. With this experience and a specialty in water feature and aquatic life support system design Cloward H2O has gained worldwide recognition as one of the world's top water feature design firms.

wavemaster logoOcean Innovations
Ocean Innovations is recognized world wide as a pioneer in Wave Generating Technology and Water Ride Development. The WaveMaster�?Technology supports Multiple Patents and one of kind attractions that has separated Ocean Innovations as a leader in new water ride and design features. Ocean Innovations was identified by multiple surfing publications as creating the Worlds First Portable Wave Generator. Providing the opportunity to produce perfect waves of different sizes in lakes, campground resorts, and private residences has revolutionized the Water Sport industry. 

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What Makes Ocean Innovations Unique? Traditional Wave Generating
equipment has proven to be too big and bulky for private use. Large wave towers found in water parks and massive public facilities are not applicable in tight quarters often associated with private residences. Ocean Innovations has solved that problem with proven state of the art design and patented technology. The majority of the WaveMaster�?System is designed and installed under ground or out of site which makes it perfect for private use for our exclusive clients. WaveMaster�? Systems are designed to be practically maintenance free and offer years of dependability.

The WaveMaster�?System offers our clients the ability to choose the size wave you wish to enjoy. Set the WaveMaster�?for 2 foot waves for family fun, or crank it up for an unbelievable realistic Surfing, Kayaking, or BodyBoarding experience right in your own backyard! The maximum size of the wave will be determined by the WaveMaster�?model installed at your BackYard H2o Innovations project. After playing in the waves, take a break and float on a raft around your property in a customized lazy river complete with waves and waterfalls.

The WaveMaster�?system can add to any exercise routine and at the same time offer a complete unique experience for family, guest or clients. Enjoy the excitement of a major theme park right in you own private BackYard. BackYard
entertainment will never be the same!

Patented and Patent Pending water rides by WaveMaster�?include the Surf Catcher, Wave Racer, Liquid Slide, Air Reef, and the Surf Kayak Simulator has only added to the excitement of our clients.

At BackYard H2o Innovations we are proud to provide our exclusive clients with a phenomenal water experience, in a totally private setting, surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and exotic aquarium features that are second to none. Helping our clients design and engineer your dream BackYard Oasis, is our inspiration.

Call 757-478-5613 or Click Here to get started on creating your very own BackYard Oasis.

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