The Water Cannons is what makes this attraction so exciting.

water- gunFrom the second you grab the handle and press the trigger of the of the Ocean Innovations Water Cannon, you will know that you have never fired a Water Cannon like this before. Smoke and sounds of blasting follow every shot the Water Cannon takes.

Hundreds of hours of research and field testing have gone into the production of the Water Cannon. First installed on the Beach, in WildWood, N.J, the Water Battle has stood the test of time.

The Water Battle
The WaterBattle is an interactive attraction that provides guests with many opportunities to experience the fun. Activites include; target shooting and getting wet with a powdery blast of water.

Battle Zone
Want to experience the feeling of firing a Water Cannon? No Worries. Step up and take good aim... you have multiple military theme targets to aim for to show off your skills. Prefer a moving target? No problem, take aim at all the kids (and adults too) that are running thru the free interactive section of the attraction called the Water Gauntlet (Splash Zone).

WaterBattle3min from Don Shearon on Vimeo.

The Air Battle

air battleNothing in the attractions industry has ever been created to match the thrill a guest will experience at the Ocean Innovations Air Battle attraction.

As guest pull the trigger, a blast of air will fire out of the cannon and hit targets with a gentle puff of air. But if the target is missed... a pocket of air zips by making a loud whistle sound.

Lots of fun for the entire family!

To Learn More about the WaterBattle or schedule a demonstration Contact Ocean Innovations at 757-478-5613 or Click Here and complete our online contact form....

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